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Delete(Secure Delete) is an advanced file shredder which securely deletes your personal data and makes it unrecoverable by any advanced recovery tools
When you normally delete your photos, videos, audio and documents, it is not physically erased from your device.
So when you sell your device or when it is lost anyone can easily recover your deleted data.

Delete file shredder securely deletes your sensitive personal information
Why Delete?
• Advanced secure deletion which leaves no trace of file data including file details
• Supports international deletion standards
• Supports custom shredding patterns
• Supports automatic deletion of thumbnails from thumbnails folder
• Simple and smooth file browser with faster navigation and deletion
• Delete multiple files and folders
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• Delete files in Delete by selecting files from other app
• Securely delete hidden files also
• Securely delete files completely or just scrap the file contents alone
• Support for Android 6.0 marshmallow
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