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GI F MAKER - GI F EDITOR - VIDEO TO G IF - G IF TO VIDEO easy way to create G IF from your video, multi images. Share your GIF for everyone by FA CE BOOK, TWITTER, GI PP HY, IM G UR, INSTAGRAM, WHATSAPP .. .
Some fea ture have in application :
• Cut video, crop video before create G IF.
• Add over 100 image to create G IF.
• Edit your G IF before save.

• Add label with text style, color,...
• Add over 100 sticker funny in your GI F
• Manager all image in your GI F.

• Manager all G IF file you have create and view them when you want.
• Share your GI F by one click. It very easily for everyone. You can upload G IF into GIP HY , IMGU R, FACE B OOK, TWI TTER, ....
• View trending, funny , ... in GI PHY.


• Create G F from G IF link like GI PHY or .g if.
• New UX.
• Import output G IF into Gallery.
• Load all G IF in your devices.
G IFs make you express the best moment by G IF
GI Fs brings to you the best of animated G IF images and lets you share it to Face book Me ss enger and other Social Media just in one tap.
With GIFs you can explore and search a thousands of GI Fs and memes.
G IFs Features:
• Awesome G IF types like Trending, Reactions and Funny.
• Post G IF on Facebook timeline.
• Download GI F to your device.
• Share G F to other social media like WhatsApp, Instagram, ...etc.
• Two  GI F resolution : Normal and Low.

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