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One Phone, Multiple Numbers. Mask your caller ID for anonymous calling/texting/picture messaging•••
Hushed provides high quality calls, text and picture messaging, advanced features and responsive customer support. Download Hus hed and get a second line with a new caller ID and voice mail so you can keep your personal number private. Give us a try and we'll give you a starter phone number so you can text and call for free, on us
The  number changer ap p is great for work, Air b nb, selling on craig slist, dating and more and includes many useful features, such as

Full access to your phone contact list from your second number (but your caller ID won't show your real number)
• Free messages between  users.
• Activate " mode" and all your texts, pics and videos are erased!
• Choose a new number from more than 40 countries.
• Fully customizable voicemail with personalized greeting.
• Sharable  PINs for secure, one-time, private conversations.
• Send anonymous texts, pictures or videos
• Slack integration allows you to send texts directly from Slack.
• Set up super useful Auto-replies: a general response feature that can look for specific keywords to automate text message replies. Great for Airbnb owners!
• Sync with Dropbox to store texts, voicemails and pictures

Download App

Use  as a phone number changer to get a new phone number that can be used for anonymous texts and calls. Get as many new numbers as you like - there's no limit!
With  you can set up a 2nd number fast, without swapping your SIM card, and use your phone's network so you don't get hit with expensive service charges. And best of all, you can pay as you go - there are no minimums, contracts or worries.
Use  only as you have a need with no contracts, and when you don't need your new phone number anymore, easily burn your second phone number and your call/text history is kept anonymous.
If you've been asking yourself "where can I find a change my number app?" then try 
• Use a temporary number for work or buying/selling on Craiglist or in real estate
• Get an international phone number for international texting and calls
• Use a different number for safer online dating
• Submit a temporary phone number when applying for new jobs
• Get a second phone number for managing Airbnbs
• Use  as a business line with a custom voicemail and caller ID
• Use as a secret calling app when you want a fake caller id or to mask calls We won't tell ;)

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